It’s Here: “The Phil Comic”

Just as the world threatens to collapse with anticipation, Bill Fuerstenau and Tim Langton today finally released their super-project, “The Phil Comic.” Due to its dense subject matter and the vastness of the themes it covers, the comic is being hosted off site, where you can visit by clicking on this ridiculously large link, made as such just so you don’t miss it.

To whet your appetite and to wet your pants, below is the beautiful artwork done for the cover of “The Phil Comic.” Remember — this is an online exclusivo, es muy caliente, and not available in any store. Not even Fleet Farm! So while you don’t have to pay to indulge in this instant classic, you certainly are welcome to send donations either to Bill and Tim. They will happily take your money and spend it on candy/Packers XLV Super Bowl gear.

As with any serious work of art, this comic book is not made for children and contains foul language, and adult themes and situations. Think “Watchmen,” only more important.

Industry insiders fear that this may overshadow the release of “Super 8,” due out Friday. Obviously, a work of “The Phil Comic’s” magnitude will cut deeply into the market share of any film, book, TV show, family event or hygienic practice, but it remains to be seen exactly how much. Regardless, the people of Earth can finally exhale — “The Phil Comic” is here. Let freedom ring!


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