A hero for all seasons: Phil phinally revealed

After weeks of intense speculation, we have perhaps the firmest clue of the direction of the new project from creative geniuses Bill Fuerstenau and Tim Langton. Another photo has leaked from the project’s camp, where alleged employee abuse/racial discrimination by one or both of the creators (but probably just Tim) has fueled the recent slow bleed of information. This new photo shows the final character design of the purported protagonist, known simply and powerfully as Phil.

Check the jump for the new photo, in case you are too dumb to figure that out yourself.

The dashing Phil, ready for action

A striking creation to say the least. Yet still, questions remain — how will Phil and the recently revealed villain The Spectator cross paths? What powers does Phil have? Why is he drooling? If you haven’t seen it yet (which would make you the lamest person possible), here’s the teaser video for the project, released early last month.

Tim has promised an official update on the project within the next few days. This website will be the exclusive home to that news, thanks in part to a promise to exchange the name of the photo leaker for the rights to the direct release. Stay tuned, unless you’re gaffer Jamaal Moi, in which case you might want to spend time looking for a new job instead of cruising entertainment websites. 


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