First look at the treacherous Spectator

A source close to co-creator Tim Langton leaked the first image from his new project with Bill Fuerstenau that has the media world abuzz, perhaps even in a tizzy. This is purportedly the final specs on a villain known only as The Spectator, according to the source, who asked to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to speak about the project.

A disturbing first glimpse of the devious Spectator.

This offers the first solid clue into the foreboding riddle of the project’s marketing campaign, “What is it?” If this is indeed a villain on the project, it poses a greater question — to whom is The Spectator a villain? The world waits on pins and needles, needless to say (so then why did I say it?!).

Click here (no wait, click here) to watch the official teaser trailer if you want to scan for more clues. Stay here for any more breaking news on this hotly anticipated project.


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